The NBA Store Manila, AKA the City’s New Hoops Haven

In the midst of the Christmas rush the metropolis has been going through as of late, a new retail store just opened early December that has made the shopping landscape in the city a bit more interesting in time for the Yuletide season.

It was the opening of the NBA Store Manila, the official retail store of the US professional basketball league the NBA or National Basketball Association. The NBA Store Manila holds the distinction of being the first NBA Store to open in Southeast Asia, as well as for being the largest NBA Store outside the US that has opened. Just goes to show how much Filipinos love the NBA and basketball in general.

Indeed, the NBA Store Manila is a haven for every NBA hoops junkie. The two-level store is teeming with various merchandise that is emblazoned with an NBA team logo and/or that of a known NBA basketball player, present as well as past. No brand distinctions here as long as it is related to the NBA, chances are you get to find them all in this spot.

The merchandise is not just limited to apparel, bags, and shoes that are usually sought by regular NBA fan shoppers. The store also has other items such as plush toys, collectible-type figures, and trading cards as well.

There is also a section in the store where one gets to play the NBA 2K15 video game on Playstation 4.

Apart from being a retail store, the NBA Store also serves as a mini-museum and fun area of sorts where one gets to see various NBA memorabilia like autographed apparel and basketballs, a model Larry O’Brien Trophy. (the one the NBA hands out to the champion team every NBA Finals) not to mention an area where you get to compare yourself with the height, shoe size, and hand size of some NBA players.

If you have some interest in basketball, especially in the NBA, this is one venue you should check out. The NBA Store is at Levels 1-2 of Glorietta 3.

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