Something “Niu” in Buffet Dining

The Christmas season has been known as an occasion to get all stuffed up with all the weight gain thanks to those countless Christmas parties and, most especially, the Noche Buena and Media Noche feasts at home. And with the rise of buffet restaurants in recent years, you can expect more dining choices, not to mention those long queues at this time of year.

To add to those dining choices is a new buffet restaurant by Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant. But rather than open a new restaurant under the Vikings name, they have decided to take this restaurant to the next level, for starters by giving it a different name: Niu.

From the Norse word which means “nine,” as it can inferred, Niu is Vikings’ 9th restaurant. But it also carries another meaning as Niu aims to offer visitors a “cloud 9” type dining experience. So the question to ask is, does it live up to that aim?

For one thing, the dining area exudes a sense of class than a regular Vikings restaurant interior, reminding you at least of the interiors of some hotel buffet restaurants. Apart from the regular dining area, there are also some special dining areas if you want a bit of intimacy when you dine out with friends or family. There is even some live entertainment provided by a pianist and a violinist there.

The food selection is ok, typical of a Vikings restaurant you go to. Depending on your idea of a “vast selection of food choices” though, you may find Niu’s selection to be not as extensive as one might hope to be.

On the plus side though, I like that the food stations are lined up in just one area instead of having cross back and forth one station to another in the middle of the dining area.

But perhaps the thing makes Niu stand out is that the drinks you can consume as much as you is not just limited to juices, soda, and beer. You can even have a bottle of wine from their house wine collection without having to pay extra. That’s right, the rate you pay for a meal here is really all inclusive.

So if you are looking for a buffet dining experience that has some hotel-type of ambience, do check out Niu by Vikings. They are open daily for lunch and dinner at Level 6 of the SM Aura Premier Mall. Prior reservation is required. You can check out their website as well at Niu.ph.

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