The Urban Roamer’s Map

I have originally created a map through Google’s My Maps which was nice but the design was too cumbersome and is not pleasing to look at visually. So for some time, I’ve been looking at a new mapping platform to use. Until I discovered ArcGIS which provides a better interface for me to create my custom map. Not to mention I can now use OpenStreetMaps as my base map which provide a bit more detail (and more colors) than Google Maps. But I have no hate for Google Maps, just to clarify.

As such, I will be updating this map and make sure all the places featured will be mapped here while any new places visited will be reflected here as well.

Places in this map that will be marked as “Former…” means no traces of the old structure exists today. Otherwise, the structures mapped here are still in existence, though in some cases, they may no longer serve their original purpose.


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