The Circulo Del Mundo and Its “Egg”

If you are going to or from the NAIA Terminal 3/Newport City area, or even just passing by the area, you are surely not to miss the rotunda called the Circulo del Mundo. More than that, you are sure not going to miss the structure built on that rotunda, a steel structure which some say looks like an egg. While personally, the structure looks to me like a futuristic spaceship with lots of “windows”, for the sake of convenience and popular opinion, the Urban Roamer will just go with the opinion of many that it looks like an egg.

courtesy of directionsonweb.blogspot.com

For one thing, the presence of a structure at a rotunda is something that is nothing new. After all, we do have that structure at Mabuhay Rotonda and Santa Mesa’s old rotonda used to have a fountain. But this structure was a sight that aroused confusion and puzzlement among the people who see it, mainly because of the abstractness of it all, not to mention the structure was not easily accessible for the public to appreciate what it is about. Continue reading


Manila’s Last Green Haven

One of the most unfortunate and frustrating aspects of Manila’s development in the last century is how rapid urbanization not only brought blight and decay to what were the city’s most prominent areas before but also shrank what was then a vast green space for the city’s urban lungs.

Thankfully, there are still some green spaces one can still refuge, located right in the heart of the city itself, the Arroceros Forest Park.

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Mi BellySima at Glorietta

There’s something about Mercato Centrale and its ventures in the Makati CBD area that do not seem to last that long. I dunno but it seems the folks behind Mercato have yet to find that formula for success in this part of the city that it has been enjoying in its homebase at the Bonifacio Global City as well as in its Mezza Norte venture in Quezon City, which is a shame since there were some innovative concepts involved.

Nevertheless, that has not stopped them from trying to capture that elusive Makati area market as it has recently unveiled its new venture there, the BellySima.

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A Trip to Boso-Boso

As part of my work as a Wikimedia Philippines Heritage Mapping Volunteer, I took on the challenge to travel to one place in Rizal that I’ve long been interested in visiting, a place called Boso-Boso in Antipolo. (pronounced as BoSO-BoSO, not on the first syllable which would mean something else that is not pleasant to hear)

One thing about Antipolo is that it has a very complicated layout in the sense that its different areas do not necessarily connect with each other in a straightforward manner. In this case, to get to Boso-Boso, one cannot go there directly from the city proper (where the famous cathedral is located) but from another part of Antipolo called Cogeo. For someone like me who lives in the part of Rizal that is accessible more to the Antipolo city proper, having to go to the area near Q Plaza and Sta. Lucia East is a bit of a hassle and a drain on the transport expenses.


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Christmas in the City 2014: the Christmas spectacle at Ayala Triangle

If you live in the urban landscape of Metropolitan Manila, especially if you frequent the Makati Central Business District area, you know that the Christmas season is in the air when you see the Ayala Triangle Park dressed up in those shining, dancing, multi-colored lights that have become a yearly Yuletide attraction.

The tradition lives on this year as the  Ayala Triangle Christmas lights and sound show formally opened last November 12 to delight spectators anew and remind everyone that Christmas is upon us once more and it is time to get excited/stressed yet again.

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