Manila South Cemetery (AKA the Manila Cemetery in Makati)

It’s the Halloween-All Saints-All Souls season once more, which means another opportunity for the Urban Roamer to roam those places few people don’t really dare to wander off to except on this occasion. In the past years, the Urban Roamer has walked around a number of cemeteries around the metropolis, which you can check out in our archives. This year, we check out a certain cemetery that lies in a unique geographical situation. Unique in the sense that it lies within the borders of one city but is administered by another city, the Manila South Cemetery.

pardon the faces seen on the cemetery entrance

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The State of Philippine Heritage

As long-time readers and those who long been following the Urban Roamer would know, I have long been appreciating heritage. Over the years, I have been fortunate to meet a number of people who are passionate about it as well, thus helping me expand my knowledge and appreciation about our heritage and somehow become part of a continuing struggle to preserve what is left.

That struggle, sadly, is an uphill battle that is not easy to win. In fact, a number of these battles turned out to be bitter and devastating defeats on the part of heritage. While it is easy to pinpoint blame as to who are responsible for such sorry state our heritage is facing at the moment, let’s take a look closer as we find out that addressing these issues is not as simple as it seems. With that said, let’s first look at the situation we have right now.

the recent issue regarding the demolition of Admiral Hotel reflects the sad and endangered state Philippine heritage is facing at the moment

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LTFRB and its “Uber” Dumb Move

There is nothing like government trying to mess up something that has been running pretty much fine, all in the name of “public welfare”, “doing its (supposed) mandate”, or whatever it may be.

That surely was the line that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) used in defending its latest move, cracking down on the mobile-based ride sharing transport service Uber this week, beginning with a sting operation against an Uber vehicle.

And what is the LTFRB’s reason as to why they are going after Uber? Because it does not have a franchise that public utility vehicles should have in order for them to carry passengers.  Continue reading


Greenfield Weekend Market: A Weekend Market in the Greens

Weekend markets in the eastern side of the metropolis have been growing in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to such events first organized at Ortigas Center by Banchetto, which has since then transferred to the area near Forum Robinsons in southeastern Mandaluyong. Since then, there have been a number of other weekend market venues there in the east, though few has yet to match the legacy of the former. Perhaps, the closest that would have rivalled Banchetto would be the weekend market set up by Mercato Centrale in the area of Greenfield District (right around the corner of EDSA and Shaw Boulevard) called Manda Centrale.

Unfortunately, despite the Mercato name, Manda Centrale fizzled out after a few months like a number of Mercato locations outside Bonifacio Global City. Which was a shame since Greenfield District is itself a bustling commercial area that benefited from heavy foot traffic that goes all the way up to the busy Ortigas Center nearby. Nevertheless, the seeds of a weekend market venture have been planted; on March 2014, Greenfield District opened a weekend market of its own: the Greenfield Weekend Market.

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Metropolitan Infrastructure Developments (October 2014)

Recently, the National Economic and Development Authority, (NEDA) the government’s economic development planning body, has approved 12 new infrastructure projects to be built in the country. In particular interest to Metro Manila are 2 projects which are hoped to alleviate the metropolis’ traffic woes. (the operative word there is “hopefully”)

It has to be noted though that these two projects (at least some aspects of them) are not really new. In fact, they have been long in the pipeline but it is only now that NEDA gave them the approval to get started with these projects. Continue reading