Cine Europa 17

The Urban Roamer is not just about places or events. From time to time, it indulges in appreciating art in any form…in this case, the art of cinema. What better way to indulge in such aspects than to check out this annual event that celebrates European cinema: the Cine Europa.



Organized by the European Union in the Philippines, Cine Europa is an annual film festival which showcases films produced by some of the EU’s member countries (+ Norway and Switzerland, which are not EU members) for free, thus giving moviegoers an opportunity to be acquainted with the best in contemporary European cinema. Continue reading


Sampaloc’s Twin Churches

The district of Sampaloc in the City of Manila has long been known not only as a bustling residential enclave but also an important educational center of the city and of the metropolis as a whole. But at the heart of this busy district is a spiritual core that is common among many communities in the country. What makes Sampaloc’s case a bit different though is that its spiritual core is served not only by one but two Catholic churches with an intertwined history that has shaped the suburb we know of today.

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The Continuing Story of the Army and Navy Club

I was to give this matter a rest for a while, but then this recent news item was enough for me not only to revisit the issue but also perhaps reconsider my earlier views on the matter.

photo courtesy of Rappler from the office of Sen. Pia Cayetano

Apparently, the developer, Oceanville Properties, tampered with the main building itself and not just the ancillary buildings that it earlier promised to only do and without the presentation of the final plans the developer promised to present. Thus, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines issued a cease and desist order against further works to be done in the building, pending the presentation of the final plans as was first promised. Continue reading


Philippine Travel Mart 2014

We are often reminded that we should not be foreign to our native land, (translated from the local saying “huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan”) emphasizing the importance of being able to at least appreciate the sights and sounds that our country has to offer. While it is pretty much a given that needs no prodding, we tend to be either overwhelmed or unaware as to what is there to see in the country.

Thanks to events like the recently-concluded Philippine Travel Mart, we get to know a bit more about these different sights and sounds, providing an opportunity for us to experience them ourselves thanks to the numerous travel deals being offered during the event.

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From Anda to…Nada?

If the concerns, if not furor, regarding what is happening at the Rizal Monument skyline and the Army and Navy Club are not enough to keep people concerned with Manila’s heritage feeling agitated, here comes the government, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)  in particular, with their plans that inadvertently would be another cause for worry.

A news report states that the DPWH plans to get rid of the Anda Circle, where the Anda monument has served as the area’s main landmark as a measure to ease up traffic along Bonifacio Drive and the Port Area. Traffic that has gotten worse in recent months thanks to the issue regarding the plying trucks in the area going to and coming from the Port Area. Continue reading