• Marikina

    A Marikina Food Trip Adventure: Some Restos of Downtown Marikina

    Previously, the Urban Roamer introduced you to some of the native delicacies of the city known as the country’s shoemaking capital, Marikina. Now, we visit some of the restaurants in the downtown area that have given the city a distinct taste (pun intended) as far as dining choices are concerned. My thanks to Rence Chan and Jonathan Blaza for organizing this intimate food trip recently that I was fortunate to join. Some of these restaurants managed to create their own identities in the process, making them such beloved dining places among the city’s residents and even beyond as Marikina is becoming a favorite food haunt.

  • Marikina

    A Marikina Food Trip Adventure: Discovering Marikina’s Delicacies

    As far as food trips are concerned, Marikina is one of those overlooked gastronomic havens in the metropolis. Overlooked and understated that it is not confined to just a small part of the city. Thus, doing a Marikina food trip can be such a challenge but to at least get acquainted with its culinary culture, one of the few places in the metropolis that has managed to create and preserve such. I was fortunately to recently join a food trip around the city center area to discover what Marikina has to offer.

  • Mandaluyong

    Greenfield Weekend Market: A Weekend Market in the Greens

    Weekend markets in the eastern side of the metropolis have been growing in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to such events first organized at Ortigas Center by Banchetto, which has since then transferred to the area near Forum Robinsons in southeastern Mandaluyong. Since then, there have been a number of other weekend market venues there in the east, though few has yet to match the legacy of the former. Perhaps, the closest that would have rivalled Banchetto would be the weekend market set up by Mercato Centrale in the area of Greenfield District (right around the corner of EDSA and Shaw Boulevard) called Manda Centrale. Unfortunately, despite the…

  • Checked Out,  City of Manila

    Checked Out: the Sunday Intramuros Pasyal

    Traditionally, Sunday is day to unwind. For families, Sunday is also family day when families do some bonding together somewhere, especially after attending a Sunday religious service. These days, the venue of choice for these moments would be a modern, air-conditioned shopping mall which offers many amenities and sights to see. While I have nothing against shopping malls, it;s just that they have become so much ingrained in our culture and lifestyle that we tend to forget to look beyond the mall, so to speak. There are many things to discover outside the confines of the mall that may surprise and perhaps enamor you if one takes the time to…

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