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Checked Out: the Sunday Intramuros Pasyal

Traditionally, Sunday is day to unwind. For families, Sunday is also family day when families do some bonding together somewhere, especially after attending a Sunday religious service. These days, the venue of choice for these moments would be a modern, air-conditioned shopping mall which offers many amenities and sights to see. While I have nothing against shopping malls, it;s just that they have become so much ingrained in our culture and lifestyle that we tend to forget to look beyond the mall, so to speak. There are many things to discover outside the confines of the mall that may surprise and perhaps enamor you if one takes the time to do so.

That being said, allow the Urban Roamer introduce you to a one-of-a-kind Sunday experience right in Manila’s Walled City one should not fail to miss: the Sunday Intramuros Pasyal.

Intramuros Pasyal is an event usually held every fourth Sunday of the month at a portion of Gen. Luna Street in Intramuros as well as participation of surrounding areas. In a way, it can be considered a weekend market like the ones held in Salcedo and Eton Centris albeit on a smaller scale, but what it makes unique is that it successfully manages to integrate commerce with the arts and Filipino lifestyle, both traditional and modern. The fact that this is being held right in Old Manila in the historic Walled City makes this a must-visit event to unwind or bond with family or friends. And of course, explore Old Manila’s treasures along the way.

Roam around the car-free section of the street closed for this event and one gets to see handicrafts and other Filipino products not usually seen in retail stores. You also get entertained too with various street performers like buskers, acrobats. You can even get to see artists doing some graffiti in action. All in the name of the love for Manila.

The last Intramuros Pasyal Sunday held last May 25 was a special one as it coincided with a Santacruzan event in Intramuros organized by the Intramuros Administration. Thus, it was apt that visitors got to see a Maytime event like this one. This Santacruzan by the way is a traditional one with various characters in traditional costumes parading the streets.

Kudos to the people behind Intramuros Pasyal for bringing Intramuros and Manila in vogue, showcasing some of the best of what the city has to offer with what can be seen in the market, as well as in Intramuors and the city as well. It is definitely a must-visit experience one should not miss.

For more details about Intramuros Pasyal and other cool things happening in Manila, check out the Facebook page of Viva Manila.

More photos from the Intramuros Pasyal of May 2014 can be found on the Urban Roamer’s “new” Flickr site. Do check the other photos uploaded there too

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