Mini Fiesta Carnival
Quezon City

The Return of Fiesta Carnival…sort of

After more or less 20 years since its last iteration, the iconic Fiesta Carnival in Araneta City in Cubao is back!

Well, sort of.

In truth, this spot which was once part of the old Rustan’s Department Store and of Cinema 21 has long been used as a seasonal open-air amusement park during the Christmas holiday season of the past three years, albeit under a different name. I suppose that this year, Araneta decided to put the Fiesta Carnival brand onto that seasonal amusement park in an effort to bolster nostalgia and strengthen the identity of Araneta City as a prominent commercial district once more.

Officially, Araneta City calls it the “Mini Fiesta Carnival” as it’s a more scaled-down outdoor version of the old Fiesta Carnival. And I do mean scaled down as it lacks the typical fair/carnival attractions like a large ferris wheel or even a min roller coaster. There is however a sizeable merry-go-round that stands out in its white-colored glory.

However, there are some interesting, more contemporary attractions that kids especially will enjoy like wall rock climbing, boating, and dicycle rides.

If anything, it is more reminiscent of the erstwhile outdoor Fiesta Carnival revival which was located at the area where Cyberpark Tower 1 now stands.

The Mini Fiesta Carnival also has a sizeable food tent where one can dine in and partake in the different food choices available here.

There is also a giant Christmas tree which used to stand at the Smart Araneta Coliseum area but has since moved here since its old spot is now occupied by Gateway Mall 2.

And of course, there is the beloved COD moving Christmas display with its current iteration a regular Yuletide presence. Its presence there is as long as the presence of the Christmastime amusement park in this part of Araneta City. One notable difference though is that this year, the Christmas display stage is lower than what it used to be, even during its first iteration at the old COD Department Store. This allowed for a better view of the figures and the scenes for the viewing public could better appreciate.

Entrance to the Mini Fiesta Carnival is at PHP50 but it does come with a free food treat at one of the food stalls there.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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