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Roamer Tidbits: FAME Publishing’s Bloggers’ Night 2014

As part of the changes set for The Urban Roamer, the site will be having some features once in a while called “Roamer tidbits.” This will be a feature related to news regarding this site or exclusive events attended by the Urban Roamer as deemed appropriate

The Urban Roamer was honored to be part of the recent Bloggers’ Night 2014, held at the Megaworld showroom at McKinley Hill (which was convenient for me since my workplace. was just a few blocks away) This event was hosted by FAME Publishing, the folks behind the publications H&L, Zen Health, Diabetease, Travel Plus, among others. My deep thanks to the folks over at FAME Publishing for the invite.*



*That being said, let me disclose that I am not a contributor for any of the publications of FAME. At least not yet at this time of writing.

The event featured different booths, many of them dealing with health and beauty, which is related to the main thrust of the publications of FAME Publishing. For someone who’s still trying to get himself fit and healthy, I got to learn some things and try some of the products as well.








In addition, there were prizes raffled away that night. The Urban Roamer did not go home empty-handed thankfully. Thank you in part to Goldilocks and Grabtaxi for the premium mini cakes and the vouchers I won from them respectively. There were also some gifts given away which included some health products and, of course, the publications of FAME Publishing.




My thanks again to the organizers of the event and I’m looking forward to such events again in the future.

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