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Heads up: INC’s QC Event on March 28

Heads up, Quezon City folks! The religious group Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) is planning to hold an evangelical mission event on March 28 called “Lingap Pamamahayag” from 12 AM to 6 PM. And as INC events go, expect heavy traffic that day in that part of the metropolis.

To be specific, the event will be held at the northbound portion of Commonwealth Avenue from the Sandiganbayan to Litex. Why they did not choose to hold the event at the part of Commonwealth Ave. where their main temple is located is beyond me.

In any case, Sandiganbayan will not have work that day in anticipation of the traffic situation on Friday. To those who would have to brave that part of QC that day, plan your trips accordingly, stay cool, and the best of luck.


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