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With so many problems Metro Manila’s Line 3 mass transit rail system is having for…God knows how long, it has become a tiring and uneasy job for me to write about yet another issue about this darned rail line. Especially if you have been keeping abreast with the news about the metropolitan mass transit system for a long while now, which in my case, precedes that of the Urban Roamer. (which is turning 5 soon, but that’s another matter altogether)

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But what happened last Wednesday afternoon, August 13, is something for the books. Who would have thought we would get to this record low? Maybe some of us did and it was just of matter of when. Still the fact that it actually happened is depressing that no snark or joke can alleviate the rage many of us feel for the failure of the people at the top in addressing the longstanding issues of mass transport.

So what exactly happened? Thankfully, the folks over at showed this infographic to better illustrate what happened.

It has been reported that at least 38 passengers were reported to have been injured. Fortunately, no one died in this mishap, so it’s something to be thankful for.

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What grates on the nerves however is the fact that this incident could have been avoided. In fact, warning signs have been raised months before by experts. Yet, the bright boys over at the MRT and the Department of Transportation and Communication, headed by Sec. Jun pAbaya, er…Abaya were too busy messing plans like that of the Common Station.

We do not deserve a dysfunctional and poorly planned mass transit system. And we certainly do not deserve officials who are content with this disaster of a status quo. We demand that the things needed to be done should be started ASAP and the people in charge who are inept and incompetent to make those necessary changes be fired ASAP.

I hope this is the catalyst so we can have a better mass transit system. More so, let the collective outrage of a people long treated like garbage in this poor excuse of mass transportation be heard to deafening levels and maybe, the people who are supposed to make it happen will finally get their acts together.


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