Mi BellySima at Glorietta

There’s something about Mercato Centrale and its ventures in the Makati CBD area that do not seem to last that long. I dunno but it seems the folks behind Mercato have yet to find that formula for success in this part of the city that it has been enjoying in its homebase at the Bonifacio Global City as well as in its Mezza Norte venture in Quezon City, which is a shame since there were some innovative concepts involved.

Nevertheless, that has not stopped them from trying to capture that elusive Makati area market as it has recently unveiled its new venture there, the BellySima.

With a unique name with that trademark love for food and everything Italian, the BellySima though is radically different from the other Mercato Centrale ventures. For one, the venue is indoors, right inside the Glorietta mall area. In a way, BellySima can be considered as like one of those typical areas in the mall that is lined up with kiosks.

What makes BellySima stand out though is its association with the Mercato Centrale group. Of course, there is the prestige there with the name, but the more important thing there are the offerings. BellySima’s merchants offer a wide array of gourmet goods, a number of which are not widely available in the general market to say the least.

One thing to note though is the name itself is a bit of a misnomer. While many of the merchants here sell food items, there are also a number of non-food items being sold here as well. Also, don’t expect to find a dining place here as it was mentioned before, this is more of an indoor area of kiosks in the mall. If you wish to eat immediately what you bought, better head to the Food Choices dining area of Glorietta.

Check out BellySima at the Glorietta 3 area every Friday night. It’s better though to check their Facebook page for more information.

And do check them out while they are still there every week.

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