Brew and Vinyl Love at the Satchmi Store

These days, the old is becoming the new. Most especially so in the case of music as vinyl records our parents and grandparents used to listen to are becoming hip again in this age of digital music where digital formats, music playing gadgets, and services like iTunes and Spotify are shaping the way people today are listening to music.

It is certainly one trend that is not going unnoticed. Apart from the antique shops and other vintage item dealers in open markets, one company making its mark in riding the vinyl wave is Satchmi which has been marketing its own brand of vinyl record players.

September last year, Satchmi took their fondness for vinyl to another level with the opening of its store in SM Megamall, a lifestyle store that blended vinyls with an ambience of a cafe. Which by itself is not a bad thing.

The Satchmi Store in SM Megamall boasts not only its lineup of vinyl record players but also a wide, diverse array of long-playing vinyl records encompassing years and genres, from the standards hits of the 1940s and 1950s to the New Wave sound of the 1980s and even the contemporary popular music of today.

They even have a listening room where you can play the vinyls you bought to at least check out the sound quality of the records.

One can not only find vinyl records and players here but also other items like books, notebooks, ties, and other accessories that accentuate a different type of lifestyle its customers have.

I suppose the folks at Satchmi believe that good old music works well with good coffee, thus the store offers some brewed coffee as well.

So if you have a certain fondness for music in vinyl, or if you just like to immerse yourself a bit in a lifestyle beyond the mainstream digital realm, check out the Satchmi Store at the 4th level of SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. You can also check out Satchmi’s website at


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