• Mandaluyong

    Brew and Vinyl Love at the Satchmi Store

    These days, the old is becoming the new. Most especially so in the case of music as vinyl records our parents and grandparents used to listen to are becoming hip again in this age of digital music where digital formats, music playing gadgets, and services like iTunes and Spotify are shaping the way people today are listening to music. It is certainly one trend that is not going unnoticed. Apart from the antique shops and other vintage item dealers in open markets, one company making its mark in riding the vinyl wave is Satchmi which has been marketing its own brand of vinyl record players. September last year, Satchmi took…

  • City of Manila,  Roamer's Roundup

    Sarah G Sings About Manila

    At the recent Miss Manila 2014 beauty pageant coronation night last Araw ng Maynila, (congratulations by the way to the winner, Krischelle Halili) a number by Sarah Geronimo, one of the Philippines’ most popular artists created as much buzz as the event itself. Partly I suppose was due to her sheer professionalism that she showed despite the technical glitches that occurred during that number. But I’d like to think that the song she sang played a big factor as well, a song entitled “Dito sa Manila.”

  • Roamer's Roundup

    20 and Still Has The Beat: Fete de la Musique 2014

    It is that time of the year once again, especially for music-lovers in the metro. Fete de la Musique, the annual music festival organized by Alliance Francaisede Manille, (the French cultural body in the country) will once again bring rhythms of different genres on June 21, Saturday at various venues around the metropolis. This year marks the 20th year of this music festival. To mark this occasion, Fete de la Musique will be celebrated simultaneously on the 3 main stages across 2 cities and 19 pocket stages where one can check them out for free.

  • Checked Out,  City of Manila

    Checked Out: the Sunday Intramuros Pasyal

    Traditionally, Sunday is day to unwind. For families, Sunday is also family day when families do some bonding together somewhere, especially after attending a Sunday religious service. These days, the venue of choice for these moments would be a modern, air-conditioned shopping mall which offers many amenities and sights to see. While I have nothing against shopping malls, it;s just that they have become so much ingrained in our culture and lifestyle that we tend to forget to look beyond the mall, so to speak. There are many things to discover outside the confines of the mall that may surprise and perhaps enamor you if one takes the time to…