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Travel Madness and Breakfast Wellness

Last weekend was a busy one as the SMX Convention Center hosted yet another big travel fair event, the Travel Madness Expo, while up north at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall is another event being held which is the Nestle Wellness Expo

Some of the highlights of these events can be found after the break.

The Travel Madness Expo 2015 which showcased different sectors engaged in the hospitality and travel sector: hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and the various tourism offices of different countries. And if you’re a traveler and/or frequent attendee of events like this, there are some new things to discover as well as familiar sights we always see in these events.


For some exhibitors, the event was an opportunity to showcase some new services for Filipino travelers.

one of the exhibitors is Turkish Airways which recently opened a new service connecting Manila and Istanbul
another new airline serving Manila is Ethiopian Airlines, providing a new connection to Africa
Air Juan, a new player in Philippine aviation offering flights from Manila to Boracay and various parts of Palawan and vice versa

Some exhibitors had some unique gimmicks to show on the floor for the attendees of the trade fair.

Duty Free Philippines’ dancing “robo” mascot
Avilon Zoo brought some furry friends on the convention floor
Taiwan’s booth is devoted to making crafts

It was also a time to offer some special promotions for a airline ticket, travel package, hotel accommodation, among others.

Manila Hotel

On a personal note, it was also nice to see some friends of the Urban Roamer being part of this event like Azalea Residences, Tree Top Adventure, and the Zoomanity Group.

As with any travel expo here, it is one well-attended event and it was good to see some new things going on in the travel and tourism scene not just here but also in other parts of the world that are enticing enough to check out someday.


Meanwhile, at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall was another annual event that was being sponsored by Nestle, the Nestle Wellness Expo which showcases its products (of course) and how they could help achieve wellness for the body.

This year’s theme is about breakfast wellness as to how important breakfast is in the person’s overall well-being for the day. And of course, Nestle’s breakfast products like cereals, coffee, yogurt, and milk are showcased to help illustrate the point.

For this event, attendees are required to have a consultation with one of the nutritionists who will let you know about the type of food your body would need for a healthy you.

There were also a number of booths featuring various Nestle products, each booth offering different activities and some prizes or freebies to give away.

It was a fun event that was well-attended especially by families, not to mention informative even if it serves to promote a company and its products. Nestle is one of those companies that at least walks the talk in its advocacy for wellness.


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