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this coming election…

The Urban Roamer joins the call for the Filipino people to make a discerning and intelligent choice for the next leaders of our country, province, city, or town.

So much has been said about voting for our next national leaders. But I believe the local elections are also important. We cannot fully be able to love and stand up for our country if we do not feel proud and love for the city/town we were born, grew up, and/or have lived in.

To those who will be voting for the next mayor of your city and town, the most important thing to look for in my opinion is to vote for the one who will help realize the potential of your city/town.

By that we do not mean just the economic progress. We must choose the one who truly understands the needs of the city/town and has pragmatic and workable solutions to address them.

At the same time, he/she must have the vision as well of seeing what potential the city/town has which is vital for its growth and stability and the initiative to see it happen in the face of many challenges that may lie ahead.

Vote for the one who will help instill the inner pride of you being a resident or birthplace of your beloved city/town. A leader who will work wholeheartedly for and defend the welfare of the city/town he/she serves. A leader who will inspire his/her constituents to love their city/town that much.

That leader should have the keenness of seeing and the passion to help let us see whatever hidden beauty that needs to be nurtured and appreciated by many. There are a lot of hidden gems in the country waiting to be unraveled. Our leader should have a clear vision and foresight to discover and protect these treasures, most especially the heritage it possesses.

Most importantly, vote for the one you feel is worthy to lead not based on surveys or popularity contests but on platform and character. It is not a wasted vote voting for someone you truly believe in, especially after discerning that the candidate you are endorsing is the one you believe is fit for the job ahead.

May we all arrive at the right decision not only for our country, but for our respective provinces, cities, and towns.

Let us also hope and pray for a peaceful and orderly elections on May 10.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

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