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new landmarks rising in Santa Ana

Folks as our Santa Ana series is about to close for now, (I will be roaming back there from time to time) I thought it would be interesting to share with you some new landmarks springing out in the area lately. All in the name of the district’s urbanization which is hopefully for the better rather than for the ruin of this historic district.

sta ana new

Inaugurated just last April 28 is the new Santa Ana Hospital, a district hospital built by the Manila City Government with the help of the Tan Yan Kee Foundation of Lucio Tan. Actually Lucio Tan happens to have owned the land the hospital was built on and gave the land as a donation to the city government for the hospital to be built. (with that I would rather not go into the controversies surrounding the building of the hospital vis-a-vis the Century Park Hotel sale) Originally the City Government (still getting the yellow fever madness) wanted to name the hospital after the late former President Corazon Aquino, just as it did in renaming the Lambingan Bridge found a kilometer or so away. But reportedly, the Tan Yan Kee Foundation was more keen in naming the hospital after Lucio Tan’s mother or father. So it seems both parties made a consensus to keep things simple so to speak.



It’s interesting to note that this land used to be the site of another hospital, the Trinity Hospital. I’m not sure though if this would be the same Trinity Maternity Hospital as the one found a few blocks away. But the new hospital is envisioned to be 10 storeys high. So as you can see, there is still some vertical expansion that is going to be done for quite some time.


Then there’s also the growing need for affordable urban housing. (affordable here of course is subject to interpretation) It’s interesting to note that there is such a project currently in the works just off Pedro Gil St. near the Pasig River coastline. Called the Manila RiverCity Residences, it’s envisioned to be a 10-condominium complex, each building rising 8-10 storeys high. It’s interesting to note that each of the buildings are named after the famed rivers of the world like Nile, Danube, Yangtze, and Dnieper. After all, it is located along the river (and it’s not called RiverCity for nothing)


As you can see, there are a few buildings already standing but have not yet been occupied. From the literature and promotional items I found on this project, the complex will have an exclusive boat terminal and boardwalk. I would have to give this project a thumbs up in helping the Pasig River become alive again.



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