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    The Understated Elegance of San Beda’s Abbey Church

    Not many people know that the San Beda University Manila campus grounds in Mendiola Street houses not only the academic institution that is San Beda University. It is also the site of a monastery. To be specific, it is a monastery of the Benedictine monks who happen to be the ones administering the university. Nevertheless, both the monastery and the school share a common spiritual center: the church known as the Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat, more popularly known as the Abbey Church in San Beda.

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    Chino Roces and the Bridge at Mendiola

    Since the late Marcos period at least, Mendiola Street has been known as a hotbed of protest activity as people marching there aimed to have their grievances and protests heard a bit closer by whoever is at Malacañang at the end of the said street. The epicenter of sorts of these activities is the bridge along Mendiola that crosses the Estero de San Miguel, named today in memory of one of those who took part in those protests along that storied street. His name is Joaquin Roces, better known to family and friends as “Chino.” And he was no mere protester. He belonged to one of Manila’s most illustrious families,…

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    Mabini150: Mabini and Nagtahan

    If there is one place in the metropolis that has a solid association with Apolinario Mabini, it would be the road and the neighborhood called Nagtahan which straddles between the present-day districts of San Miguel and Santa Mesa in the City of Manila. Nagtahan got its name from a word in Tagalog which means to stop or end. It was named so because in the olden days, Calle Nagtahan was a dead end, ending a few meters before the bank of the Pasig River. Despite that, it grew as a rural suburb of Manila during the late Spanish colonial period as some decided to take residence in the area. One…