Mercado del Lago: an underrated lakeshore getaway

The current situation can drive anyone crazy. Under normal circumstances, whenever this Roamer feels a little crazy, he would go out to some place serene. But being this situation is a global pandemic, you can’t really get to to do that. Which is sad because I could really use a trip to Mercado del Lago right about now.

Located along the shores of Laguna de Bay in Lower Bicutan, Taguig, Mercado del Lago (which is Spanish for “market by the lake”) is a lakeshore commercial development that is comprised of an open-air food market, events venue, and lakeside park of sorts.

Despite the classy name, this particular development is not by a private enterprise. It is actually a project of Taguig’s city government. It is also a fairly new development, having been inaugurated only in 2018.

And contrary to what some might perceive about local government development projects, Mercado del Lago is actually very well-developed with ample open spaces, well-maintained facilities, (for the most part, at least) and well laid-out.

The food park had quite a varied selection of food that you can choose from and being near the lakeshore, one can enjoy the cool lakeside breeze that flows thorough the wide open windows. The whole area itself is a very pleasant visit, especially during the lake afternoon as the breeze is in the air.

One can also enjoy a really nice view of the Laguna de Bay up close and even over it as the huts and events venues are actually designed as huts on stilts that already touch the lake’s waters. It is nice to know that there still places like this in the metropolis that can provide refuge in the midst of the cool breeze and calm waters, serene nature all around.

If there’s downside to Mercado del Lago, it’s that it is not easily accessible by public transport. The closest thing way to get there by public transport is by taking a tricycle from the corner of Osmeña Highway (itself a tough commute of a road) and General Santos, passing by the busy center of Lower Bicutan. If you have car, the easy way to go through C-6, which while less traffic-prone is also not that “developed” in some places.

Despite the transportation hassles, I would love to come back there, especially ones the restrictions ease a bit. Though it will take a long while for things to go back to “normal”, I hope the many businesses and the people manage to find their way back and bringe new life to this lakeside gem of a development.

Special thanks to the Taguig Heritage Society and the City Government of Taguig for the opportunity to visit this place as part of a heritage tour conducted last February 29, 2020

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