roaming the neighborhood: Barangay Kapitolyo

First thing you need to know about Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig is that despite its name, the old Rizal Provincial Capitol was not actually located in its premises, but rather right across it. But I suppose that particular matter is moot and academic now with the Capitol itself now gone.

If anything, Kapitolyo is one of those places that has come out to make its own identity beyond what is was known for before as a barangay named after a provincial capitol. In recent years, there has been a boom in the area’s commercial activity, most striking of which is the growing presence of restaurants and other food establishments here.


From what I gather, this restaurant is one of the most popular and “iconic” among the Kapitolyo establishments, Café Juanita. I personally haven’t eaten here yet; I’ll leave the food reviews of this restaurant to the more competent folks, AKA the food bloggers. But I suppose Café Juanita must be that of a landmark in Kapitolyo that it managed to have not one, but two restaurants in the area alone: the one bearing its name and the other which is more catered to affordable dining called the Kainan sa Au Gusto.



There are a number of other interesting restaurants here too, catering to different types of cuisines. There’s Asian, Western, of course Filipino cuisine. There are establishments offering all-day breakfast food, organic products, desserts, and grilled food as well.






One of the more recent landmarks, and the most imposing perhaps, to rise in the Kapitolyo area is this huge water spa facility which offers not only relaxing water treatment but sumptuous buffets as well…or so I heard. Disclaimer again, I haven’t eaten there yet as well.


For what it’s worth, the Kapitolyo neighborhood is one place to check out, especially for the foodies out there.

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