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Photoworld Asia 2015

It was that time of the year that photographers of all levels of expertise look forward to, especially those based in or near the metropolis. Yup, Photoworld Asia was upon us last January 29 to February 3 at the Glorietta Activity Center.

As more and more Filipinos are going into photography in one way or another, whether taking a simple photo on a mobile phone to upload to Instagram or shoot with one of those DSLR cameras that have become more affordable in recent years, the growth and increasing importance on a fair like this cannot be emphasized well enough.

As an average level-type of photographer who does it mainly for this site as well as for personal consumption and study, I was one of those who was looking forward to check out this event and see what this year’s event has to offer.

As to be expected, the fair featured some notable names in the field of photography from the camera-makers to the ones making camera accessories like lenses, lights, bags, even to picture frames and storage for those digital images that you take.

While it sounds like one of those regular trade fairs, the reason Photoworld Asia is a highly-anticipated event is because of the deals one can get from the exhibitors, most especially the discounts and the freebies they throw in. If you’re lucky, you may chance upon an item that has been taken 50% off its tag, but that is rare.

Another thing to look forward to in Photoworld Asia are the seminars and talks hosted by renowned photographers, even from outside the country, to provide invaluable tips and lessons in improving those photography skills. Some of them come with an entrance fee, while others, especially those sponsored by event partners come for free.

Photoworld Asia 2015 featured as well an exhibit of last year’s winners in the PAGCOR photography competition. Speaking of which, there will be another PAGCOR photography contest this year, the details of which you can check out in their website.

If there’s one thing that needs to be improved on in the next Photoworld Asia, it would be probably be the venue. With the growth of photography in the country, I don’t think having an event in the middle of a mall will cut it. Perhaps it could be held at one of the trade halls in the metropolis which offer bigger space and will house everything in one roof, so to speak, instead of having other parts of the exhibit located elsewhere in the mall.

That being said, my congratulations to the organizers of Photoworld Asia as we will be looking forward to next year’s edition, hopefully in a better location.

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