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Metro Manila After Glenda

It was a Wednesday morning of heavy downpour and strong winds that managed to put the metropolis into a complete standstill, Roofs were blown and trees were uprooted as such heavy debris closed some streets. Thousands were evacuated from their homes while some were stubborn in staying behind. Power went down hours before dawn and mobile lines became spotty.

piling up sandbags in the event of a possible storm surge in Manila Bay (courtesy of Rappler)
evacuated families in Sucat, Muntinglupa (courtesy of GMA News and @adsibal)
power outage due to Typhoon Glenda affected even establishments like the Manila Hotel (courtesy of Carlos Celdran on Facebook)

Despite such display of fury Typhoon Glenda, (international name: Rammasun) has shown, the metropolis managed to make it through, thanks in part to a prepared disaster management teams of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the local governments and the fact that Glenda slight veered in a different direction as it managed to not directly hit the metropolis even though Signal No. 3 has been raised in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces.

That does not discount the damage the typhoon has wrought over Metro Manila after 4 hours or so of rains and winds that gave scares and worries to people. And it left quite a toll on the city as shown from these various pictures the Urban Roamer has collated from a number of sources.

Glenda managed to drag a parked airplane at the airport and cause some damage (courtesy of ABS-CBN News)
even Malacañang was not spared as this century-old acacia tree fell down to Glenda’s winds (courtesy of Rappler and Malacañang)
while the rains were not of the torrentuous kind, Glenda still managed to flood some areas like Ortigas Avenue in Greenhills (courtesy of Inquirer)
part of the facade of Glorietta 5 was blown off (courtesy of Inquirer)
fallen tree in Valle Verde in Pasig (courtesy of Rappler)
a food stall in Makati toppled by the winds of Typhoon Glenda (courtesy of Rappler)

Still, we are thankful that very few lives were taken by this storm and that it did not cause a damage as great as Typhoon Milenyo (international name: Xangsane) did in 2006. Glenda at least did not manage to tear down billboard steel bars and cause more obstruction like Milenyo did.

Now the metropolis is as busy as ever trying to get back to normal and cleaning up the mess created by the typhoon. It is scenes like this that makes me feel good and hopeful. After all, it was not the first storm that we’ve been through and it will not be the last yet we still managed and will still manage to pick ourselves up and start anew.

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