Mercato @ Glorietta: Mercato Centrale’s New Makati Venture

As someone who has been somewhat abreast with the developments in the metropolis, the Urban Roamer knows all too well the travails of Mercato Centrale with its several attempts to establish itself in the Makati CBD area. There was the food truck concept at Glorietta 1 Park to the one at the carpark rooftop to the one inside Glorietta mall itself, all of them eventually fizzled out.

Now Mercato Centrale is making another attempt to establish themselves in Makati, this time at the Glorietta 4 Park. There are no fancy concepts, just the straight-old Mercato experience folks have come to love known as the Mercato @ Glorietta.

This new venture is actually part of Mercato Centrale’s drive to build its presence in various Ayala Malls in the country. Apart from Glorietta, the “Mercato at Ayala Malls” experience can also be seen at Serin, one of the new Ayala Malls located in Tagaytay with more locations to follow soon.

Going back to Mercato @ Glorietta, as was mentioned earlier, this Mercato offers the straight-old Mercato that many know and love as various vendors are lined up offering various delicacies to satisfy those night cravings.

As for dining, Mercato @ Glorietta makes you feel like you are in a picnic as you get to dine in the greens if that is your fancy. There are tables and chairs available as well in the dining area though they are limited in number.

As with other Mercato venues, the one in Glorietta also has live entertainment courtesy of acoustic performers to bring about a chill atmosphere at night after a hectic day.

Would this new Mercato venture in Makati work out this time? Only time can tell. For the meantime though, you can check out Mercato @ Glorietta at the Glorietta 4 Park (AKA the Dolphin park area) every Friday from 4 PM to 3 AM.


For more information, check out the Facebook page of Mercato Centrale right here


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