Street Art in the Heart of Makati

For a long while, Makati, particularly the central business district area, has been perceived as a stuck-up type of place, where you can’t expect to see “fun” except in the malls located in the CBD. While this is understandable given its stature as a business district, it deprives this part of the metropolis a unique character, other than a dull, grey district that is deprived of “fun” and color…in a literal and figurative sense.

Things have changed recently when the Makati Commercial Estate Association decided to give a vibrant atmosphere to an otherwise uninteresting area as it hired a bunch of street artists to decorate some parts of the district, in particular the Dela Rosa Carpark buildings along the Dela Rosa elevated pedestrian walkway in Legaspi Village.

The result is a series of colorful murals located at the ceilings and walls of the carpark buildings, providing a more colorful vibe in an otherwise dull concrete atmosphere. Enough of the text, let the photos tell you the rest.

The next time you’re in the area, don’t miss to check out the Dela Rosa Murals. Then again, the art is hard to miss in the first place.

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