The Twin Parks of Legazpi Village

Beyond the skyscrapers and the concrete structures that have been built all over the Makati CBD, and in the Legazpi Village area in particular, it is good to know that the provisions for needed green open spaces that help serve as natural lungs for a congested central business district have not been neglected.

And in the case of Legazpi Village, the area itself is served with not just one, but two public parks right in the heart of the district, catering to the different needs of its residents and others who visit there.


One of those parks is a mostly green open space known as the Legazpi Active Park. As the name implies, it is a park promoted mainly as a place conducive for people who are into doing exercise or workouts in a park, as well as a place for children to play.

Thus,  this park offers a jogging path, a mini-playground, as well as a mini-amphitheater for meetups, exercise sessions, or perhaps some intimate performances.

The fact also that the park is an open space with a few provisions for natural shade stresses the point of it being an “active park.” People come here to sweat out through play or fitness and it is designed as such.

If you are looking into some relaxation or wind down from the stresses  of day-to-day life, then perhaps you should the park next door…


Right across the Legazpi Active Park is the Washington Sycip Park, opened in 2005 and dedicated to Washington SyCip, one of the co-founders of the leading Philippine auditing firm SGV & Co., as well as of the Asian Institute of Management.

Washington SyCip (photo courtesy of the University of the East which is NOT Mr. SyCip alma mater)

The SyCip Park is itself a study of contrast compared to its Active Park neighbor, even though they both share the same designation given to them as parks. To be specific, SyCip Park was set up with a different purpose in mind, which is to serve as an urban oasis where people can relax and unwind from the day’s stresses and rejuvenate one’s mind and soul.

Thus the park has the look of a tropical mini-forest in the middle of the city, with lots of natural shade, as well as a flowing stream.

It is also adorned with benches and a couple of gazebos that have been inscribed with various quotes made by Washington SyCip himself, thus giving one a glimpse of the man’s intellect and philosophy that has made him such an influential and respected figure in Philippine business.

There are also a number of art pieces installed throughout the park, courtesy of Filipina sculptor Impy Pilapil, which help accentuate a uniquely artistic vibe in the park.

So whenever you find yourself in Legazpi Village, do yourself a favor and check out these two parks. Let’s patronize and support the call for more open green spaces for a better, livable metropolis for all.


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For more information on the artist behind the art pieces at SyCip Park, check out her website at


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