just opened: Newport City’s Resorts World Manila

Last August 28, a new landmark in the metropolis was unveiled in a “soft launch” of sorts.

Yes, the Urban Roamer was there on the opening of Resorts World Manila, the gaming entertainment project of Alliance Global, Star Cruises, and Megaworld (the same developers behind Eastwood City among others) located on the yet-to-be-completed business-commercial hub of Newport City, which also happens to be another project of Megaworld.

To those who don’t know yet, Newport City is located near Villamor Air Base and Golf Club, and just across the new and controversial Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3.

And considering this proximity of the airport to Newport City (as well as ResortsWorld Manila) two hotels have been constructed in the area in an effort to attract potential guests and tourists in the area, both of which are making their presence here in the metro for the first time.


One of them is Maxims Hotel Manila, a Malaysian-based luxury hotel brand of the Genting Group, the same ones behind Star Cruises and, henceforth, one of the partners in Resorts World Manila. From what I read, all the accomodations in this hotel are of the suite-type, which makes this hotel aiming more for the “high-end” type of traveler. This would mark Maxims’ first foray in the hotel industry in the country, possibly the first outside Malaysia. (correct me if I’m wrong on that one) It is also the first deluxe casino hotel in the country.


The other one is Marriott Hotel Manila, owned by the US-based Marriott International, Inc. It is one of the most recognized hotel brands in the world and is quite established here already in the country, having opened its first hotel in 1998 in Cebu City. (which in turn is the first international hotel brand which made its presence in Cebu)

It is also interesting to note that it would be first time in 5 years (which is what I heard) that new hotels being opened here in Manila, something that every traveler visiting Manila should check out.

Apart from the hotels, the other components of Newport City like the shopping establishments have yet to be completed, save for some banks and a McDonald’s outlet there. But then again, if you’re one of those avid “gamers,” you wouldn’t care about it that much, would you?

Anyway, this is a the view of the exterior of Resorts World Manila.


Unfortunately, I only got to shoot only as far as here since photography inside is strictly limited to those licensed by the establishment.

But to give you a brief description of what it’s like inside, once you entered the playing grounds, the first thing you will get to see is the circular bar in the middle of the grounds. On top of the bar is a 360° stage which at that night served as a platform for Russian dancers and some soon-to-be-launched girl group. (on a personal note, one of the chinita-looking members was so hot, then again the rest are also hot-looking too)

The slot machines are on the right, where most of the people try their luck at. What’s so interesting to see is that these machines are actually operated not by tokens (something I’ve been used to seeing in many PAGCOR casinos) but by electronic cards supplied by Resorts World Manila. On the left are the dealing tables, most of them that night were unoccupied with players (at least during the time I was there) So far I only see saw one restaurant inside the grounds, though I heard there will be more to be added in the future, as well as a second floor and a poker table as well.

Unfortunately, I had to go for work later that night, so I couldn’t stay long and watch at the performances. I decided to leave but might as well do a little roaming (what else) around Newport City before taking a ride to work later…

Newport City tower or lighthouse of some sort
I found out later that this church in Newport City is the Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
view of the same church along Andrews Ave. partially blocked by the gas station; giving the impression that the church not only offers fuel for your soul, but for your car too!
entrance to one of the phases of Newport City’s residential projects, with the same church on the right
Newport City
Newport City

My apologies for the poor quality of some of the pictures posted here. But I hope they will generate some interest in the continuing developments in the area. I will be revisiting this place soon and hopefully get to post some updates.

See you on the next destination of this roamer.

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