Gone Korean at the Korean Cultural Center

Cultural institutions are normally associated with a country’s traditional arts and culture and the documentations and studies about them. Or at least a place where can learn foreign languages.

While it is important for one to learn and understand the arts and culture of these countries as a way to promote harmony, it is also understandable that there would be those who will find places like these as too “stiff” and “high-brow” for them to take and catering more to scholars than to regular folks who wish to know more about other cultures.

Then there is the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, which is considered to be one of the more “hip” cultural institutions out here.



Opened in July 2011, the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) is a different breed from the other foreign cultural institutions in the country. Thanks to the popularity of modern Korean culture around the world, especially in the Philippinesr, much emphasis has been given to the modern aspect of Korean culture. In fact apart from Korean language classes, one can also learn dancing to K-Pop music. (Gangnam Style might even count here) In addition, the library offers an array of media pertaining to modern Korea like K-Pop music, Korean movies, and of course, the Korean dramas.



Despite its focus on the modern culture, the KCC also lets one experience and learn the traditional Korean culture like the music and dances, martial arts, (taekwondo in particular) and even its famed cuisine like the kimchi and bibimbap through various lessons being offered. Yes, there are cooking lessons in this center.



It also helps that the KCC sports some lively interiors that attracts people from all walks of life who share the common interest in Korean culture. The Korean Culture and Information Office, which partly runs this center along with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, puts a lot of emphasis on the lively character of Korea that has been enhanced and promoted very much in recent times thanks to the profileration of Korean pop music, TV dramas, and films.





One cannot imagine how Korean culture would enjoy this level of popularity today had not been for the influence of these media. In fact, the Korean government has taken advantage of their popularity in promoting its own culture and tourism to the world. The KCC is one visible example of such efforts. While it is just barely more than a year old, it is not difficult to see that thus far, its efforts here have paid off.



The Korean Cultural Center is located at the 2nd flr., Mancor Corporate Building, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. You can also check out their website at http://phil.korean-culture.org.

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