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Coconut Week 2014

It has often been said that the coconut is the tree of life, because of the many uses of this tree and its fruit in the creation of different products. And being a country abundant in coconut trees, it is something that has become somewhat of a given fact that we tend to take for granted the coconut’s importance at times.

Thankfully, we have events like the recently-held National Coco Week to underscore the contributions of the coconut in our daily lives.

This expo held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall showcased the different companies and their products all made from coconuts. Some of them I think most of us are already familiar with: the nata de coco, virgin coconut oils, even the cooking oil.

That does not mean there were no surprises, at least for the Urban Roamer, to see. Like who would have thought of making coffee partly from coconuts?

There are even sauces and eye drops sourced from coconuts as well.

The fair also aims to highlight the efforts of coconut farmers in the country, not to mention the issues and challenges they face today as they struggle to make a living in these times. In fact, this year’s theme is “magsasaka, mahalaga,” (the farmer is important) which underscores the fact that without these farmers, the coconut industry in the country would not be where it is today.

a primer about the coconut levy fund issue

Hopefully, this year’s fair has somehow helped not only raise awareness on the importance of the coconut, but also on the contributions of the coconut farmers that they would be given all the help and support they need not only for their livelihood and families, but also for the coconut industry as a whole.

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