• Quezon City

    Kamuning Bakery and Cafe: Come On In At A Beloved Neighborhood Bakery

    Right at that heart of Barangay Kamuning, part of the old Quezon City, lies what is perhaps now the most famous bakery in the city, and undeniably one of the country’s most famous bakeries that is not a bakeshop chain. It has gotten a lot of buzz in recent years thanks to heavy social media promotion. (more on that in a bit) So much that some, mainly from those who have been there, are skeptical about the hype being generated. But here at the Urban Roamer, we go beyond the hype and check things for ourselves. So today,we shall be checking out the Kamuning Bakery and Cafe and see what…

  • Muntinlupa

    BAHAY Buffet: A Barbecue Buffet at the South

    These days, there are so many weekend food venues and buffet restaurants sprouting all over the metropolis that’s it’s hard even for the Urban Roamer to keep track. While this may be a testament to how Filipinos love food, there is that concern that these venues don’t have a unique identity or that their menu is basically, more of the same. Then there is the unique concept of BAHAY Buffet, combining elements of the food market and buffet dining, with its specialty in serving grilled food, the type of food Filipinos find hard to resist.

  • Makati

    A Tribute to the “Jollijeep”

    In the midst of the western modernism we see today in the Makati Central Business District, there is an element of Filipino-ness one can see behind the tall skyscrapers of glass and concrete. I’m not even talking about the jeepneys that ply along the main thoroughfares of the district but something not many people realize. I am referring to those tin-colored food stalls located along the inner streets of the district that served the lunchtime needs of the working population there. The ones popularly known as the “jollijeeps.”

  • Quezon City

    Remembering the “CASAA”

    Whenever we think of the vast campus of the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, a flurry of images and landmarks would come to mind, with the Oblation of course being number one on the list. But for generations of students and visitors in the campus, one beloved landmark that is close to heart would be the little canteen behind Benton Hall and Lagmay Hall (formerly Palma Hall Annex) known as the CASAA Food Center. Thus, it was heartbreaking to hear that last June 13, the place was gutted by a huge fire which also injured 2 people. The event provoked an outcry of sadness and emotion among the UP community…