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Art Fair Philippines 2015

As February has been designated as National Arts Month, it is that time of year again for art events galore to grace the metropolis’ events scene. One of those events would be a recent art month favorite, the Art Fair Philippines which is now on its 3rd year.

Held from February 5 to 8, the event transformed the upper levels of The Link Carpark Building into two leveled art fair cum art gallery as various artists and art galleries from around the metro made their presence with some new artwork this year.

As the Urban Roamer was there during last year’s iteration of the event, it was noticeable that this year’s edition saw somewhat fewer exhibitors. That does not mean there was a dip in the artworks being presented there as well as there were some noticeable installations and pieces on display this year.

Probably the most popular spot in the fair this year is the freedom cubicle in which people are invited to write along the cubicle walls as to their answers to the question “What is art for you?”

With so much creativity and imagination on display, Art Fair Philippines has once again shown the talents and skills of Filipino artists that deserve some share of the spotlight.


More photos from Art Fair Philippines 2015 can be found on the Urban Roamer’s Flickr album

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