Thank you DMCI!

City of Manila Roamer's Roundup

This Heritage Month, let us all not forget to thank the benevolent property developer DMCI for their pricely contributions to the landscape of Rizal Park.

(courtesy of Carlos Celdran’s Facebook page)

Thank you DMCI for your utter disregard of the sanctity of a historic landmark and the memory of our country’s national hero in the name of your profits.

Let us thank too the government officials for not seeing this issue in a heritage POV but sharing the same views DMCI has.

I can’t think of anything else say but…thank you! The future generations will be so grateful enough to you guys that they’ll be more than happy to curse you all to death.

5 thoughts on “Thank you DMCI!”

  1. Wow, Mehan Garden, Luneta (ung kinatatayuan ng Ocean adventure) countless ancestral homes of our national heroes… now this? well, i guess walang pinagkaiba si Erap kay Atienza when it comes to protecting our national heritage, places na may sentimental value sa MARAMING TAO. What’s next? a condo, mall, leisure park inside Intramuros?

    1. To put things in perspective, it was under the yellow Mayor Lim’s term that the project got approved in the first place. And while Estrada deserves some of the blame here, this could have been averted had the National Historical Commission of the Philippines stood firm and stated that the project violated the guidelines regarding the integrity of national monuments. For some odd reason, they flip-flopped and that was the “artillery” DMCI used to finally have the project approved.

      The story about that matter here:

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