• Makati

    Controversy and Alphaland Makati Place

    As the 2016 Philippine election season is fast approaching, controversies are sure to pop up regarding any of those vying for the election season. This season, it seems that a favorite target is Vice President Jejomar Binay, who has expressed his intent to gun for the presidency itself. Whether the allegations against him are true or false, that is for the ongoing investigations to decide. As far as the Urban Roamer is concerned though, it’s interesting to learn more about the places behind the controversies. Thus we take a look at the rising development that has been subject to another Binay-related controversy, the Alphaland Makati Place.

  • Roamer's Roundup

    So “Olivia” Said Yes…

    After a week of speculation we were finally treated with the “good news” that “Olivia” finally said yes. And we were treated also with the news that they bought what would be their first “investment” together…at Pioneer Woodlands. Thus we finally realize it was also a stroke of viral and somewhat clever marketing courtesy of Empire East, the developer of this residential condominium project for the aforementioned unit located at the corner of EDSA and Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong in the bustling business district there.