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The Urban Roamer’s Featured in a Calendar…Sort of

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season was a season of blessings and fulfillment for you all!

And with your kind indulgence, allow the Urban Roamer to share some piece of exciting news to kick off 2018.

And that is…the Urban Roamer is being featured in a calendar!

To be specific it’s a photo by the Urban Roamer that is being featured as part of the 2018 calendar of a renowned institution in the country. And I am talking about the Development Bank of the Philippines or DBP.

The main office of the Development Bank of the Philippines at the corner of Makati Avenue and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, designed by Architect Carlos Arguelles and completed in 1965.

To those who are not familiar with the DBP, it is a government-owned development bank that caters mainly to small and medium enterprises as well as to the agricultural sector. In a way, it is similar to another government bank which is Land Bank of the Philippines. In fact there were moves during the previous administration to merge both DBP and Landbank but the Duterte administration under Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez thumbed down those plans as the distinction was made that Landbank would be for the agriculture sector while DBP would be for the industry.

As for the aforementioned calendar, the 2018 DBP calendar is being presented under the theme “Legacies of Philippine Freedom.” It features 12 historical landmarks that have figured in the country’s history, especially for the struggle for freedom and liberty.

What’s cool about this calendar is that it comes with two versions: a desktop calendar version and a wall calendar one.

The Urban Roamer’s contribution to this calendar is a photo of the Pinaglabanan Shrine in San Juan which was originally published in the site in 2014To have this roamer’s work to be considered and eventually become part of this worthy project is a great honor as a way of bringing awareness and enlightenment about the significance of these landmarks.

Deepest of gratitudes go to the folks at Studio 5 Designs who designed the DBP calendar for giving this roamer the privilege to be part of this project, not to mention providing both versions of the calendar.

And if you look at the portfolio of Studio 5 Designs, it is pretty impressive to say the least. As a graphics design company, they have designed some great collaterals for companies like Landbank, Petron, and Meralco, as well as having designed some notable coffeetable books like “In Excelsis” which is a book about Jose Rizal.

On a personal note, this is also somewhat embarrassing seeing this work alongside other great images of Philippine landmarks, considering that the Pinaglabanan photo was taken with a mere phone camera (an iPhone 4S if you are curious which you may say is not a bad camera).

Again, thank you to Studio 5 Designs and Development Bank of the Philippines. It is the Urban Roamer’s hope to be part of more projects like these in the future.


To those who are wondering how to get a copy of this calendar, I suggest you get in touch with DBP. No guarantees though as being a corporate collateral, only a few may be able to get a hold of it.

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