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Last time I wrote about the area once known as the second site of the Rizal Provincial Capitol, it was all fenced out as the Ortigas & Company (the owners of the property that was originally donated to the Rizal Provincial Government but was reverted to them by the deed of donation) was laying the groundwork for future development in the area.

Here we are almost two years later, and we are now seeing that development christened as the Capitol Commons taking shape. At this time of writing, there are still significant portions of the complex that have not yet been completed like the mall and the residential buildings. But from what I’ve seen, this is one development that bears promise.

For one, the road works that have been done is commendable as it took into consideration the possible traffic such a development would bring. In fact the first thing that was done was the road widening of a portion of then-narrow Meralco Avenue. A new road was also constructed, connecting Shaw Boulevard to Capt. Javier Avenue.

Another thing going for Capitol Commons are its wide, green spaces, a good place to unwind, be fit, or have fun.

As I mentioned earlier, there are not much establishments open yet at this time of writing. That does not preclude it as a place to go to. Apart from the green spaces mentioned earlier, the few establishments open at the moment are interesting, such as a drive-thru coffee place and a restaurant-bar that is named after a pig that is tipsy.

The Urban Roamer shall be keeping an eye out on this development. We’ll be watching to see how this would turn out. Hopefully, it would turn out to be a bright spot as far as urban commercial development is concerned.

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