the “mind-blowing” Mind Museum

After that somewhat-disappointing experience at the MOWELFUND Museum, I conditioned myself to lower my expectations a bit for this next roaming adventure, yet another museum in this case which has been dubbed “The Mind Museum”. But hearing a lot of buzz about it, how it was envisioned to be a world-class museum that many will appreciate, not to mention me being fascinated in science and technology, my interest was piqued enough for me to check it out.


First things first, let me give you a brief background about the Mind Museum. This was conceived as a project by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., (BAFI) a foundation established in 1996 by the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) to promote arts, culture, and learning in this rising business district. The members and supporters of this foundation also happen to be among the top guns in the various fields here.


The museum itself is designed by Filipino architectural firm Lor Calma and Partners, headed by Architect Ed Calma. It was remarkable to note how the museum was built, as it was made through a huge campaign for sponsorship that was heeded by many individuals and corporations. It formally opened on March 16, 2012, after about three years of planning and construction.




Nature’s Webways: connecting the 2 levels of the museum

With about 12,500 sqm land area, the interior of the museum consists of an introductory hall (where a robot will welcome you to the museum) and five galleries, each devoting to a specific aspect of science learning: the Earth, the Universe, Life, and the Atom located on the ground level, and Technology located on the upper floor.

you can be a paleontologist at the museum


One key aspect of this museum is interactivity, hence you not only get to see the exhibits behind glass or velvet ropes but you also get to experience them to through interactive learning with touchscreens and hands-on work as well.


Speaking of exhibits, one of those that stand out in the museum is this 40-ft skeletal remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which they called Stan.



And who has seen a museum that has a little pool table and arcade games? The Mind Museum has. One may think they may look out of place, but they serve a purpose in showing visitors the all-encompassing aspect of science in our lives, and hopefully learn something from things we sometimes dismiss as kid’s play or just take for granted.



But the Mind Museum experience is not only confined within the walls. The museum also boasts of a playground where kids can not only play but also learn some science concepts as well with the interactivity employed here.


The Mind Museum also hosts a store devoted to learning merchandise, most especially those devoted to science.


Admission fees for this museum at this time of writing is P600, a bit steep compared to other museums here. But for this Urban Roamer who has visited a number of museums here, the admission price was well worth it. I highly recommend a visit to the museum. With the technology and design employed, and the dedication by the people behind it and those supporting it, it is indeed a world-class learning facility that we can all be proud of.

For more information on The Mind Museum, you can visit their website at www.themindmuseum.org

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