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The great Sunday market of the North

Weekend markets have been sprouting all over in the metropolis for the past few years. In the midst of what may look like a crowded affair, there are a proud few that stand out for their longevity (in this case, those existing for more than 5 years) and the loyal patrons who regularly spend their weekends there. One of those proud few is the feature of this entry today: the SIDCOR Sunday Market, known to some as the great weekend market of the north.


The SIDCOR Sunday Market also happens to be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) weekend markets regularly held in the Metropolitan Manila area, having been in existence since 2000. It was the brainchild of Susan Arcega, who thought of holding a Sunday market as a means to help out a Catholic group she belongs to. The first venue was near Quezon City’s Cubao district, at a lot at the corner of EDSA and Main St.


It would move after 4 years to a somewhat bigger space at the complex of the Lung Center of the Philippines hospital along Quezon Avenue near the Quezon Memorial Circle. Its popularity grew at the same time as well, as more and more people flocked to what was known as “that Sunday market at the Lung Center.” In 2010 however, the SIDCOR Sunday Market left the premises of the Lung Center to move to its present home at the rising Eton Centris business-commercial complex located at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Avenue.


While not as heavily “promoted” as the other weekend markets, especially the recent ones that sprang as of late, the SIDCOR Sunday Market still enjoys a loyal following and being a dominating presence the metropolis’ weekend market scene thanks to the variety of products and services being offered here. In the truest sense of the word, one can find here some “true-blue” market experience where one gets to find not only food products but also a variety of other goods like clothes, antiques, fashion accessories, pets and pets supplies, horticultural products, even the items you would find in the market like raw meat, chicken, fish, fruits, and vegetables. And if you’re one of those who’s constantly on the lookout for great bargains, the the SIDCOR Sunday Market is one place you should check out.

The market is open from 6 AM-2 PM. A visit is highly recommended if you are looking for an alternative weekend experience.

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