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    A Walk Along The EDSA 86 Trail

    With the risk of betraying my age here, I was wee little toddler when the first People Power Revolution of 1986 happened. As such, I have no recollection of what happened during those historic 4 days in February save from what I eventually read in history books, in school, and the stories my mom who was there told me. As such, I must admit I have no idea what it was like for the millions who flocked to EDSA despite the danger that loomed, who only had hope and prayers as their weapons against tanks and guns. Instead, what I feel about it is frustration and cynicism, that it was an…

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    Metropolitan Infrastructure Developments (October 2014)

    Recently, the National Economic and Development Authority, (NEDA) the government’s economic development planning body, has approved 12 new infrastructure projects to be built in the country. In particular interest to Metro Manila are 2 projects which are hoped to alleviate the metropolis’ traffic woes. (the operative word there is “hopefully”) It has to be noted though that these two projects (at least some aspects of them) are not really new. In fact, they have been long in the pipeline but it is only now that NEDA gave them the approval to get started with these projects.

  • Roamer's Roundup

    More Traffic Woes and Common Station Mess

    If you thought last Monday’s traffic armageddon was worse enough traffic to experience on this first week of August, well…think again. Especially if you live in the southern part of Metro Manila and beyond. The Department of Public Works and Highways has recently announced that the southbound portion of the Magallanes Interchange (the elevated road network at the intersection of EDSA and Osmeña Highway) will be closed to traffic due to the ongoing rehabilitation project of the said interchange.

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    The great Sunday market of the North

    Weekend markets have been sprouting all over in the metropolis for the past few years. In the midst of what may look like a crowded affair, there are a proud few that stand out for their longevity (in this case, those existing for more than 5 years) and the loyal patrons who regularly spend their weekends there. One of those proud few is the feature of this entry today: the SIDCOR Sunday Market, known to some as the great weekend market of the north. The SIDCOR Sunday Market also happens to be one of the oldest (if not the oldest) weekend markets regularly held in the Metropolitan Manila area, having…