• Mandaluyong

    Brew and Vinyl Love at the Satchmi Store

    These days, the old is becoming the new. Most especially so in the case of music as vinyl records our parents and grandparents used to listen to are becoming hip again in this age of digital music where digital formats, music playing gadgets, and services like iTunes and Spotify are shaping the way people today are listening to music. It is certainly one trend that is not going unnoticed. Apart from the antique shops and other vintage item dealers in open markets, one company making its mark in riding the vinyl wave is Satchmi which has been marketing its own brand of vinyl record players. September last year, Satchmi took…

  • Mandaluyong

    The Mega Fashion Hall: Ice Skating Makes a Homecoming

    Back in the early days of the Urban Roamer, one of the early posts published in the site was a memoriam to the SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink. long considered as a landmark that put the mall and SM as a whole on the map. At that time, SM Megamall was undergoing what could be considered the early phase of its expansion as the Ice Skating Rink and the nearby Bowling area had to give way to more retailers who wish to set shop in the bustling mall. For the next four years or so, SM Megamall has constantly expanded itself to as far as its property can accommodate, putting…

  • Mandaluyong

    in memoriam: SM Megamall’s Ice Skating Rink

    To be honest, I was not surprised to see it coming as the rumors have been circulating its impending demise for a long time. Then again, I was also hoping these rumors would remain as they are: just rumors that are to be taken with a grain of salt. So when I visited SM Megamall earlier this week, I was surprised to see this: To think that the place was still there 2 weeks ago when I last came here, that was quick.

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