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Saint Patrick’s Day in the City: A Bit of Ireland at Murphy’s

For Irish blokes around the world, there’s no better occasion to celebrate their Irish heritage than Saint Patrick’s Day. Essentially a Catholic feast day (given the majority of the Irish belong to this particular faith) honoring the missionary who helped bring Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day evolved into becoming an Irish celebration that we know today, one filled with grand parades, themes of greens and clovers all over, and of course, lots of alcohol consumption, despite the fact that this holiday falls within the Lenten Season. (the Catholic Church actually has made an exception such that abstinence from alcohol is lifted for that day)

Even non-Irish fellas can’t help but be enamored with St. Patrick’s Day too with its vibrant and jovial atmosphere and the alcohol along with it. That, coupled with Irish migration over the years, has contributed to the spread of Irish culture to other parts of the world. Even in the Philippines, one can experience a bit of the good ol’ Irish atmosphere thanks to one spot in the city that is proud to banner its Irishness, Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Makati.

Located in Makati’s Legaspi Village behind the towering skyscrapers, Murphy’s Irish Pub has gained quite a following thanks to the patronage of expats, some of whom have Irish blood, not to mention those frequent customers who go there on Tuesday for its weekly quiz nights.

And once a year on St. Patrick’s Day, Murphy’s is a center of much activity for the festivities there of St. Patrick’s Day as the place goes all green and clover-decorated that day. St. Patrick’s Day at Murphy can be fun as one could enjoy hearing much music blaring in the background, modern and even traditional Irish music, and of course, indulge in lots of alcohol consumption.

Waitresses and many patrons are all wearing some shade of green while some even bother to have some paint representing the Irish flag put in their faces.

And since the Irish cultural immersion would not be complete without leprechauns, there were midgets as well dressed up as leprechauns feeling generous that day that they don’t have any qualms giving away some of their gold coins.

So if you’re looking to join the fun on the next St. Patty’s Day, Murphy’s is one place you should check and which the Urban Roamer highly recommends. Just take it easy on the alcohol and drink moderately as always.

Murphy’s Irish Pub is located at the corner of V.A. Rufino and Esteban Streets in Legaspi Village, Makati City.


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