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    Saint Patrick’s Day in the City: A Bit of Ireland at Murphy’s

    For Irish blokes around the world, there’s no better occasion to celebrate their Irish heritage than Saint Patrick’s Day. Essentially a Catholic feast day (given the majority of the Irish belong to this particular faith) honoring the missionary who helped bring Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day evolved into becoming an Irish celebration that we know today, one filled with grand parades, themes of greens and clovers all over, and of course, lots of alcohol consumption, despite the fact that this holiday falls within the Lenten Season. (the Catholic Church actually has made an exception such that abstinence from alcohol is lifted for that day) Even non-Irish fellas can’t help but be enamored…

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    Checked Out: World Quizzing Championship 2014-the Philippine Leg

    It is probably one of the most prestigious global competitions out there, yet it is not that well-known in the sense that many have not heard of it…at least those who are not into hardcore intellectually-stimulating activities. But for those who are into such things, being on this competition is like competing in the Olympics, trying to slug it out with the rest of the world. This folks is the World Quizzing Championship. And the Urban Roamer was there not only to witness it but take part in it as well.