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An Open Letter to the “Transport Caravan” Protesters

Dear Transport Caravan Protesters:

You may not know me personally…or maybe you do if you’ve watched some TV a few years ago. But that’s not what I’m driving at. I am first and foremost a commuter, a commuter who has long availed of public transport that you folks provide so I can go to work or some place I need to go to.

the inconvenience caused by the “transport caravan” protesters (image courtesy of Rappler)

I understand that today, a number of you chose not to service commuters like me because you are fighting against what you perceive as an unjust policy to be implemented by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) that will raise penalties for colorum (without franchise) vehicles. I suppose you believe in this cause so much that you paralyzed public transport leaving thousands like myself stranded for more than an hour due to the scarcity of available public transportation. Good job there, guys. Good job.

I’m sorry but I cannot comprehend why you think this new policy is unjust to you folks. I’m even more baffled as to why even those with valid franchises are joining this “outrage” against this proposal. Why make a fuss about if you abide by the law anyway?  Would this mean that most of you public transport operators and drivers, both colorum or not, are under the same old club that looks after each others’ interests and protect each other? Just asking…

I believe that some of you have pending franchise applications and they fear they would be affected should these new penalties would take affect. While you have a sound point in that aspect, does it follow that you will immediately resort to this measure? Did you folks conduct a dialog with the LTFRB about this concern in the first place?

In any case,  I feel that what you are fighting for is just some guise for your flimsy and selfish motives who think more about your own benefits rather than the commuters you folks are supposed to serve and this country whose laws you should follow. Stop treating us like rags that you use to wipe your windshields. We have had enough of your pettiness here.

If your actions today will lead to possible cancellation of your franchises, I will not be weeping for you folks. We have already wept because the inconvenience you caused in the first place, so no big loss there.

That being said, it is time our public transport system gets a major overhaul, make it more efficient and able to serve the needs of a growing ridership. We do not a public transport system of outdated, broke-down vehicles that are relics of the past. We certainly do not need as well a system filled with lawbreakers.

It’s high time we modernize the public transport system in the metropolis and in the country. It seems now is the time to do it.

Sorry transport caravan protestors, but I’ve had enough with your shenanigans. Nothing personal but in this case, you either abide or say goodbye.



the Urban Roamer (and a pissed off commuter)

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