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Metro Manila for #YolandaPH

It has been a week since Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) struck down a significant portion of Central Philippines from Samar to Palawan, leaving an unprecedented trail of devastation that affecting many in those areas.

Metro Manila has been lucky to have been spared from this devastation. Despite this, many of us, especially those who remembered when Ondoy struck the metropolis, know how it feels to experience catastrophe. And at this time when the people who are supposed to do their jobs are finding themselves helpless, if not clueless, the Filipino spirit of bayanihan, of unity and perseverance still manages to overcome such challenges.

As we speak, there has been a massive outpouring of support to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. From volunteer efforts to event fund drives to various relief contributions, people have been helping in their own little way. Many have even foregone Christmas parties so that the money to be spent on them will be given to the typhoon victims instead.

If you haven’t done so, you are encouraged to do your part. It does not matter anymore whatever help you can give, go ahead and give it. It goes a long way.

To all who heeded the call of help from our kababayans in Central Philippines, mabuhay kayong lahat! Let us continue to help in our own way and make sure that they get the help and support they need as they rebuild their lives anew.

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