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Checked Out: Franchise and Business Expo 2016

The Urban Roamer may not be an expert on entrepreneurship, nor would be considered a business expert. Nevertheless, the roamer believes in the importance of entrepreneurship as a tool in helping realize that dream of a better future for oneself and their families, as well as for the economic development of the country in the process. In fact, entrepreneurship is a field I am seriously looking into venture somewhere down the road.

For the meantime, while I have yet to have the knowledge and the funds to get started, the least one can do right is to visit trade fairs that promote entrepreneurship and learn some new trends and cool ideas in the process. Last weekend’s Franchise and Business Expo 2016 was an opportunity for me to do so.

Now on its 15th year, the Franchise and Business Expo has made a mark as one of the trade fairs/expos budding entrepreneurs watch out for each year. Despite the threat of Typhoon Karen that weekend, it did little to deter the people to visit the event at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and check out new and exciting business ideas. (thankfully, the typhoon did not manage to lash out much damage as well)

The 3-day event was graced by various businesses who are offering their business for franchising. Of course, food remains a popular business for franchising. There is the traditional food franchising business such as street foods and fries, to the trending ones such as lemon juice stands and even unique ones like waffle doughnuts.

Yes, that's Pepe Smith and his rockin' shawarma business
Yes, that’s Pepe Smith and his rockin’ shawarma business
waffle doughnuts (yes, this now exists)
waffle doughnuts (yes, this now exists)

There are also a number of non-food business ideas as well that are open for franchising. Some are the traditional franchise businesses such as the gas station, loading stations and the drugstores. Then there are those with unique business ideas that may have a chance to take off, like a trampoline play pen, grains store, and payment centers.

I have to give special focus to a unique business idea showcased in the trade fair, partly because it is an idea presented by my alma mater, the PUP Laboratory High School. The senior students of the school have come up with a unique product, a hollow block made of clamshells. And they actually are as sturdy as regular concrete hollow blocks. A great innovation there that deserves to be showcased.

All in all, it has been a good edition of Franchise and Business Expo. I hope get to cover more of these business and franchising events in the future.

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