Chowtime at ChitoSan’s Diner

It’s been a long while since the Urban Roamer has done a dedicated post for a restaurant, something that other bloggers are very used to doing. But as the Urban Roamer is approaching its 10th year this month, it was nice to do something as simple and no fuss of an entry as this one.

To be honest, the Urban Roamer is not an expert or an avid foodie, despite what his body weight says otherwise. But I am one who does not pass on a chance of trying out a good meal. So when the invite came from an old friend in the quiz circuit to check out the new menu of his new restaurant, I said…why not?

Located along M. Suarez Street in Maybunga, Pasig just a few meters across the Sacred Heart Academy school there, ChitoSan’s Diner is a relatively new restaurant which opened in November 2018. While the word “diner” evokes Western or American-inspired menu, ChitoSan’s offers mainly Filipino dishes, along with a videoke facility that is available for use at night.

The location admittedly is something that is not easy to go to via commute. The best chance is to take a tricycle from Pasig City proper to take you to the restaurant, or better yet give them the aforementioned Sacred Heart Academy as the destination.

As mentioned previously, ChitoSan’s recently introduced some new items in their menu. One of them this Urban Roamer was fortunate to try out. It is beef pares with bone marrow, a combination that is a rarity in itself yet somehow makes sense enough to wonder why it has not caught up in the public consciousness until now.

Truth be told, I rarely eat beef pares or bulalo, even though I like to eat such meals from time to time. Yet the sight of the meal is enticing enough to partake on these rare opportunities. And wouldn’t you know it? It was something I never thought would taste really that good.

So the tl;dr version of this entry is: if you want something unique but delicious delicacy to try out in the metropolis, try the beef pares with bone marrow. And make sure you try it at ChitoSan’s Diner.

For more information, check out the ChitoSan’s Diner Facebook page

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