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After Ruby

After the initial projections made about the initial strength of Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit, (as it is known internationally) Metro Manila and surrounding areas were fortunate that the typhoon weakened considerably by the time it hit there. Thus, these areas were spared of the damage the typhoon initially brought.

path taken by Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit (courtesy of BBC)

Meteorologists explained that typhoons weaken considerably when it makes a landfall. In the case of this typhoon, it made a landfall at least twice in Samar and Masbate which helped weaken its strength from typhoon to tropical depression levels.

But while Metro Manila and the nearby areas were lucky to only experience some rainshowers at most, other parts of the country, especially those that were first in line, so to speak, were worse hit with the typhoon’s “hagupit” or lashing. (can’t help with the puns, sorry)

If there’s one thing to be thankful though is that this typhoon was not as destructive as the level of damage Yolanda/Haiyan had done last year. It also helped that the local governments, concerned agencies, and the people in the affected areas were better prepared, having learned the lessons of the past which helped somehow prevented more damage the typhoon would have done.

Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit’s damage brought upon Calbayog , Western Samar (photo courtesy of
Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit’s damage brought upon Eastern Samar (photo courtesy of
strong waves brought by the typhoon crashing on the Port of Legazpi in Albay (photo courtesy of

The weather is now back to normal December weather but the work to help the affected areas never stops. So do take time to help out in whatever way you can and make their Christmas a merry as it is supposed to be. Let the spirit of generosity and kindness reign this Christmas season once more.

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