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A quick Met update

I know it has been a little over than a month since my last visit to the Manila Metropolitan Theater. In normal circumstances, you would not expect much to happen in an on-going rehabilitation effort like this one, considering the time involved in doing this work.

But when politics and PR blitz is involved, you can expect things to go a bit faster than expected.

This is the case that is happening in the Metropolitan Theater at this moment as workers working on the restoration are working double time in works such as painting the exteriors, installing new lighting and placing new theater chairs (those cushioned movie theater-styled ones, mind you)





yellow cloth on top to protect the orchestra area of the theater from the renovation at the upper levels

All this work in line with the Manila City Government’s plan to open the Met to the public (partially I assume) on June 23, 2010, in line with the city’s celebration of Araw ng Maynila or Manila Day. From what I heard, there will be a zarzuela to be presented for the opening of the Met.

Still a lot of work needs to be done before the Met will be fully restored to its old glory, not to mention a lot of funds more. It also remains to be seen whether the restoration (once completed) will be faithful enough to the Met of the old. The sign below seems to provide some positive development of this will all turn out. But let’s wait and see for now to see how well this will go.


For now, I am glad that restoration of the Met is proceeding as planned. I just hope this will not end up as a “ningas cogon” project that will finally give the Manila Metropolitan Theater the treatment it deserves as a center of arts of the city.


  • andre calizo

    i’m glad that the restoration of the Met has taken on a faster and steadier pace. A few years ago, there was that huge hole on its roof – visible especially when you were aboard the LRT. Just prior to these recent activities, what I have heard and read about was the P50 million fund from the now-outgoing president. I hope in due time, the Met can be the venue of world-class performances such as those which are staged regularly at the PICC. Cheers!

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