That (stinking) San Juan River

With the ongoing efforts to clean up the city’s rivers and waterways, one waterway that perhaps needed to be given more attention to is the San Juan River.

san juan river

Known as one of the tributaries of the Pasig River (Metro Manila’s main waterway) the San Juan River traverses all the way up north in Quezon City (marked by the purplish ink on the map above) It also serves as a natural boundary for a part of eastern Manila, northwest Mandaluyong, west San Juan, and part of southwestern Quezon City. Continue reading


in memoriam: SM Megamall’s Ice Skating Rink

To be honest, I was not surprised to see it coming as the rumors have been circulating its impending demise for a long time. Then again, I was also hoping these rumors would remain as they are: just rumors that are to be taken with a grain of salt.

So when I visited SM Megamall earlier this week, I was surprised to see this:


© The Urban Roamer

To think that the place was still there 2 weeks ago when I last came here, that was quick.

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