That (stinking) San Juan River

With the ongoing efforts to clean up the city’s rivers and waterways, one waterway that perhaps needed to be given more attention to is the San Juan River.

san juan river

Known as one of the tributaries of the Pasig River (Metro Manila’s main waterway) the San Juan River traverses all the way up north in Quezon City (marked by the purplish ink on the map above) It also serves as a natural boundary for a part of eastern Manila, northwest Mandaluyong, west San Juan, and part of southwestern Quezon City.

Sadly, it is one of Metro Manila’s most polluted rivers. Which is a pity because the river does provide some great views:


a view of SM Sta. Mesa and the towering Mezza Residences


garbage-infested river that you can walk on (that’s how bad it is)
a view of Marketplace Market/Mall in Mandaluyong and the remains of a railroad bridge that used to traverse Mandaluyong

With the experiences of “Ondoy” still fresh among the populace of a recovering metropolis, there is no better time than now to act on the rehabilitation of all waterways in the city, San Juan River included. Now more than ever, there should be some sort of environmental consciousness instilled among all parties involved: government agencies, non-government organizations, and the citizenry.

Let not another calamity befall on us because of our apathy and abuse of our natural resources, given the limited natural resources we are afforded to on this urban jungle.

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  • cenro san juan city

    We completely agree. San Juan River runs through the cities of Quezon, Manila, San Juan and Mandaluyong on a more or less 12-kilometer stretch. The city of San Juan actually covers a mere 1.9 kilometers of the said stretch. The river starts somewhere inthe Congressional Ave area of Quezon City, most probably at the Bgy. Culiat creek. downstream is the san juan city and mandaluyong city portions of the river. Rehabilitating or cleaning it requires a lot of funding, probably a Million pesos or more.

    During the time of President Erap, he wanted to allocate P700 Million for the San Juan river but the opposition Spice Boys at the House of Representatives including Quezon City Rep. Michael Defensor reportedly opposed the same.

    This requires a concerted effort among the four LGUs covering the San Juan River plus the funding from the NG. As of the last report – January 2012 – the MMDA is planning to put up a skybridge on top of the river – most probably near the easements.

    Thank you.

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