Trump In Manila: A Second Look At Trump Tower Manila

The recent 2016 US presidential elections and the surprise of a result the elections turned out to have has been a hot topic around the world even at the time this post is published. While the Urban Roamer’s policy of keeping political talk out of this site (more so political talk happening outside the country) remains firmly in place, it does, however, call for a revisit of a past article written in this site.

Back in 2014, the Urban Roamer wrote about the planned Century City township development in central Makati, a residential-commercial development project consisting of high-rise residential and office towers and a mall. One of those residential towers is something related to today’s topic: Trump Tower Manila. And as the original article did not really talk much about this structure on the rise, this seems to be a good time to talk about it in a bit more in-depth manner. Continue reading


The Case of Makati’s Missing Cemetery

As far as the Urban Roamer’s knowledge was concerned, there was a smaller cemetery located right next to Manila South Cemetery, the Makati Cemetery in the city’s Barangay Valenzuela. So after roaming Manila South Cemetery, I decided to walk on and check out Makati Cemetery…

Only to find out it was actually closed, which was weird considering that cemeteries are not usually closed to the public unless something was up. It was only recently that I got the full story. Continue reading


Power and Controversy: the Makati City Hall Complex

If you have been keeping tabs with the news these past few days, there was no way you would not have heard the controversy behind the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building II. Yes, that building built at PhP 2.4 billion which is said to be overpriced by PhP 1.6 billion.

Now the Urban Roamer is not an expert on construction costs, nor does it dabble in political commentary. However, that does not preclude one from talking about the greater story which itself is interesting, the story of the Makati City Hall complex.

Continue reading