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The SkyDeck at Bayleaf Hotel

Despite being a popular tourist destination, it’s interesting to note that there are only a few hotels, well 2 to be precise, operating in Intramuros itself. Make no mistake though, these hotels have their own unique charms that make them stand out. I wrote about one of them in a previous entry which operate an electric chariot tour. And there’s the “new kid in town,” so to speak, called The Bayleaf.



Opened in November 2011, The Bayleaf was named after the other name for the laurel, which is a nameplay as well to the Laurel family who own and operate this hotel along with the nearby Lyceum of the Philippines University. (this would also explain the presence of a Lyceum culinary school in the hotel as well) In many ways, the hotel strives to blend the old and new as it combined modern elements in its interiors with the Walled City’s distinct Spanish-era charm.




Apart from its looks and the amenities available, one thing that makes this 9-storey hotel stand out (not just literally) is the presence of its penthouse restaurant and bar called the “Sky Deck” view bar, something that The Bayleaf proudly shows off to guests and visitors as its main attraction, so to speak.



Simply put, the Sky Deck is one of the most breathtaking places one has to check out. It gives one an unparalleled 360-degree view of the city of Manila and the Manila Bay as well. Come here during the late afternoon until evening on a clear day and you will get to enjoy not only the great city view, but also the legendary sunset at Manila Bay while feeling the cool breeze that will soothe one’s mind and soul after a long, busy day.



Coming to the Sky Deck on weekends is a treat as well as guests get to enjoy a hearty and affordable dinner buffet for only Php700. While the menu may not be as wide and diverse as other hotel buffets, it is something that should not be dismissed easily just because of the lack in quantity.


Apart from the view and the food, one can enjoy having a few drinks at the Sky Deck while listening to some evening entertainment courtesy of acoustic acts for the night.


So try to drop by the Sky Deck at The Bayleaf and get to enjoy and appreciate the city like never before.

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