• Roamer's Roundup

    Manila’s Port Problems

    The past few months have been quite a strenuous time for the Port of Manila. Partly, one major factor behind this was the truck ban implemented by the Manila City Government against trucks plying the streets of the city during key hours of the day. (the original hours of the truck ban was virtually whole day from 5 AM–9 PM, but was tweaked so there were window hours set in place for trucks to ply the city streets from 10 AM-3 PM) While the jury’s out whether the truck ban has alleviated traffic in the city, the idea itself gained traction as other cities in the metropolis implemented their own truck…

  • City of Manila

    From Anda to…Nada?

    If the concerns, if not furor, regarding what is happening at the Rizal Monument skyline and the Army and Navy Club are not enough to keep people concerned with Manila’s heritage feeling agitated, here comes the government, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)  in particular, with their plans that inadvertently would be another cause for worry. A news report states that the DPWH plans to get rid of the Anda Circle, where the Anda monument has served as the area’s main landmark as a measure to ease up traffic along Bonifacio Drive and the Port Area. Traffic that has gotten worse in recent months thanks to the issue regarding the plying trucks in the…

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